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Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Fine Partners Corp. was established in 1984 as Kookmin Lease Co., Ltd. and has efficiently supported production facility investment of domestic companies through lease financing by cooperating with Korea Development Lease Corp.

In response to the rapidly changing market environment and the excessive competition of the business area of financial institutions, the company has expanded its business area since 2005 and diversified its business to various investment projects.

Based on the financial investment expertise, capital, and excellent professionals that our company has accumulated, we specialize in investment projects in various fields such as corporate investment, real estate investment, transportation(ships and aircrafts) investment, future eco-friendly green energy investment, and non-performing loans (NPL) investment.

All our executives and employees promise to provide the best competitive customer services based on mutual trust and meet the expectations of our customers through business innovation.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Chief Executive Officer Yoon Tae-Woo